Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Atlanta Falcons-Indianapolis Colts Preview

Fresh off their bye week, the Falcons return to the Georgia Dome to play the winless Indianapolis Colts. Since losing starting QB Peyton Manning to two neck surgeries in the offseason, the Colts have been dismal. They've started the season 0-8 with no progress. Colts fans expect Manning back by December, which is highly unlikely.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan
Colts WR Reggie Wayne
The Falcons (4-3), on the other hand, have had a progressing season. They had a rocky start at 1-2, but have been 3-1 since. It seems as if Michael Turner rushes for over 100 yards, Atlanta is undefeated. The Falcons offensive linemen have had an up and down year. It seems as if they're getting back on track since the Falcons have won two straight. Matt Ryan has the Tom Brady/Peyton Manning leadership but hasn't quite gotten to that certain type of peformance. But Atlanta is hot right now and looking forward to welcoming the Colts to the Georgia Dome.

As for the Colts (0-8), nothing has been going right for them. From losing their MVP quarterback to an 0-8 record, fans in Indy must be embarrassed. Star WR Reggie Wayne hasn't been putting up big time numbers like he was when Manning was at QB. Neither is WR Austin Collie or RB Joseph Addai. Now all their hope (if there is an ounce of hope left) for the Colts is QB Curtis Painter. They're coming off a 27-10 loss to the Titans. The week before they suffered a horrific loss to one of the Falcons' NFC South rivals, the New Orleans Saints, 62-7. It now appears that Peyton Manning made up 100% of this franchise. The Colts weren't this bad since Manning's rookie year back in 1998. Ever since he stept on the scene, he has taken the Colts to two Super Bowls and has won one. Once one of the most dominating teams in the NFL, is now considered the worst along with the 0-7 Miami Dolphins. The Colts' 12 year streak of 10-plus wins is now over. Colts fans have now moved on to 2012.

Falcons rookie WR Julio Jones returned to practice on Monday, but it is unknown as to if he is going to play on Sunday. I want Julio to get back out and show everybody he really is that star wide receiver everybody in Atlanta thought he was going to be. Prior to his injury, he was playing very well. I want to see WR Roddy White get back to that elite wide receiver caliber status he was at in 2010. Only at 39 catches for 425 yards and 3 TDs, Falcons fans expect better. Also, like I said earlier, we need to keep on giving Michael Turner the ball. It is critical to getting a victory. His 100 yard rushing games always pay off.

I think the Falcons will come out on top in this game. I expect a blowout, but I also expect the Colts to compete. Indianapolis knows their season is over and they want to earn respect around the league. The Falcons will improve to 5-3 heading into their big NFC South matchup against the Saints, who suffered a loss to the winless St. Louis Rams last week. This is why I'm not taking the Colts so lightly in this game. We will still need to keep on playing hardknock Falcons football.

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of my Falcons blog and you can expect more and more in the future. Keep on spreading the word to your friends and family members as these blogs get better and better every week. So until then, GO FALCONS!!!-Yuriy

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