Saturday, October 1, 2011

Atlanta Hawks 2011-12 Season

Despite of all of the mess with the NBA Lockout, we can all discuss how our team will look like in 2011. The Atlanta Hawks finished the season strong against a contending Chicago Bulls team. We all saw the rise of the up and coming talent Jeff Teague when substituting for Kirk Hinrich's injury at the end of the series against the Orlando Magic. Five time all-star Joe Johnson had a stellar regular season but failed to get the Hawks past the second round again. Head Coach Larry Drew had a tough season as being promoted to head coach after being an assistant coach since 2004. A disappointing 44-38 season had Hawks fans doubting him but overcame the adversity after defeating the Orlando Magic after getting swept by them in the 2010 playoffs in the second round. Al Horford made the all-star team for the second straight year. What a lot of fans are wondering are the Hawks going to resign 2010 Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford. Its tough being a Hawks fan because you don't know what you're going to get from them every night. Some nights they act like they want to win and some nights they barely show up. But ever since the 2008 playoffs against the Boston Celtics and taking them to 7 games, the Hawks have had the whole city of Atlanta buzzing. What I think that can take the Hawks to the next level is some more signing in free agency when the lockout ends. We added a new Center to the team in Keith Benson, rookie out of Oakland. I think we should continue to develop Jeff Teague and turn him into that star PG everybody visioned when he got drafted by us in 2009. We also need the production of Josh Smith every single night. He did just that this past year. He was one of the major all-star snubs on the 2011 ballot. Our superstar guard Joe Johnson has been getting a lot of criticism since the 2010 free agency when he got a 7 year, $123 deal. Many people say he's overpaid. I would think its worth it if he steps up not in just the regular season, but in the postseason as well. Show us your that superstar you are. I really do think the Hawks have the potential to get to the Eastern Conference Finals every year. We even have the potential to go to the Finals. We can contend with every team in the league if we learn to work as a unit and use the talent we have. I hope you enjoyed this blog and I'll try to work on more Hawks blogs in the future. -Yuriy

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  1. Yo good job i totally agree wit ya...hawks fan til da death of me...i deel like they can be the best team in the nba at times...but on a bad night they could also be the worst team...unity is exactly what they need